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White Peony 50g

White Peony 50g


REGION: Fuding

AROMA: Apricot jam and sage

TASTE: Soft with a sweet lingering aftertaste

BEST TIME OF DAY: As you desire

BENEFITS: High in antioxidants, low in caffeine, reduces the breakdown of collagen, prevents wrinkles, helps boost the immune system.

BREW: 85°C | 1ball/250ml | 30s/50s/70s


Sourced in Fuding from where white tea was invented during the19th Century. Each ball is made from a mix of plump needle tips and small young leaves to give a delicious introduction to white tea. The tea is made by gently withering then wrapping into balls with no heating or rolling involved. Best brewed in a glass teapot to see the leaves unfurl with drama and flavour.

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