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Aged Puer 50g

Aged Puer 50g


REGION: Yunnan

AROMA: Butter toffee, charred woods

TASTE: Rich, velvety smooth and soothing

BEST TIME OF DAY: Any time of day particularly after heavy meals  

BENEFITS: Fights cholesterol and fats, low in caffeine with detox properties

BREW: 100°C | 5g/250ml | 20s/20s/25s/45s


This fully fermented tea is extremely smooth and soothing with amazing health properties. The natural fermented microbes can separate different fats to aid digestion, particularly after a heavy meal. Due to this reason, it is the staple tea served in dim sum restaurants across China.

Before infusion the tea smells earthy like smoked toffee. Once infused it produces a dark red liquor with a deep complex taste and smooth also cream-like texture.

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