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Iron Buddha 50g

Iron Buddha 50g


REGION: Fujian

AROMA: Dark baked, vanilla cookies

TASTE: Light honey, nourishing leaf followed by smooth, well rounded finish

BEST TIME OF DAY: Lunchtime or afternoon

BENEFITS: Reduces cholesterol, improves skin, high in anti-oxidants, aids digestion

BREW: 100°C | 5g/250ml | 20s/20s/25s/45s

One of the most popular teas in China because of its mix of floral and hints of fruit flavours. This iron Buddha is of the more oxidized variety and has been roasted longer, which adds more complexities and lengthens its aftertaste.

The tea is made at a small farm, which only produces small quality batches. Drinkers should savour the change in taste from hints of honey to fruit sugar.

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