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Curators Selection - x6 sachets

Curators Selection - x6 sachets

Aged Puer, Jasmine, Forever Spring Oolong, Red Jade Black Tea, Japanese Sencha, Oriental Beauty

Country: Taiwan, Japan, China

Best time of day: Lunchtime or afternoon

Benefits: Reduces obesity, removes free radicals, balances blood sugar levels

Brew: Ranging from water temp. 85°C-95°C

Amount: 3g / 250ml water

Infusion: Ranging from 30/40/60seconds


A wonderfully curated selection of Man Cha's finest teas. Ranging from Green tea, a variety of Taiwanese Oolong to Black tea. This is a great collection to sample some of the best types of tea from around Asia.


Aged Puer is a fully fermented tea. Great for easing digestion after heavy meals with smooth earthy taste

Jasmine Pearls is a green tea. Green tippy buds are rolled and infused with fresh jasmine flowers to give a sweet-scented tea.

Milky Oolong is our Award Winning tea. Everyone's favourite oolong from Man Cha.

Forever Spring is classic Taiwanese oolong. The tea variety is very versatile and harvested all year round.

Red Jade Black tea is a Taiwanese black tea devised by the Taiwanese government. It is made by mixing a variety of Assam tea from India with wild Taiwanese tea to produce this unique black tea.

Japanese Sencha is a classic Japanese green tea. Each tea region produces a slightly different tasting sencha due to location factors. We have tasted Sencha from all of the regions and believe this version is the best.

Oriental Beauty is a prized Taiwanese oolong. More on the semi-fermented range of oolongs and only produced in two regions of Taiwan. It is a much-prized tea and in the past only drank on very special occasions. 



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