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Yuzu Green Tea Teabags

Yuzu Green Tea x15 teabags


REGION: Shizuoka

AROMA: Zesty Yuzu, forest green

TASTE: Light body green tea, invigorating Yuzu fresh

BEST TIME OF DAY: Any time of day, particularly enjoyable in the mornings & afternoons

BENEFITS: Good source of Vitamin C, enhances skin complexion, relieves sore throats and colds

This tea is made by a 3rd generation tea farmer, his family has been making tea since 1955. The tea fields are ideally located around the Oi River with the impressive Mount Fuji not far away.

Indulge in fresh Green tea blended with natural Yuzu peel and then meticulously dusted with Matcha powder. This blend is incredibly healthy. Packed with vitamin C from the Yuzu and antioxidants from the Green tea and Matcha.

Yuzu citron is very popular in Japan used for multiple Japanese foods such as spice, seasonings and fresh essence. It has such a unique and spritely aroma, which are very different from other citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, grapefruit or lime.

A super delicious reason to reclaim your afternoon or give your morning a flavourful boost.

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