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Tangerine Puer

Tangerine Puer 50g

Country: China

Region: Yunnan (Puer) Guangdong (Tangerine peel)

Taste: Balanced blend of velvety smooth puer with citrus flavours

Best time of day: Any time of day particularly after heavy meals

Benefits: Reduces cholesterol, cure coughs, remove mucus and alleviate sore throats

Brew: Water 100°C Amount: 1 ball / 250ml water

Infusion: 180/120/120/60 seconds

If you like Puer then you must try this citrusy version. This tea is made by putting moist puer into whole tangerine peels. It is then air-dried and fermented. The longer it is kept and stored well the more nourishing the tea and deeper citrus flavour will become.

This combination of tea and tangerine peel is full of health benefits. Tangerine peel is used in traditional Chinese medicine to cure coughs, remove mucus and alleviate sore throats. Whereas, puer is famous for reducing cholesterol and the risk of cancer.

here are several ways to brew this tea. For more tea taste, remove the puer leaves from the tangerine peel and brew with small pieces of the dried tangerine. The peel can be added according to your preferred level of citrus taste. The other way to get the most citrus flavour is to puncture the peel with small holes, remove the lid and then brew the whole ball.

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