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Sunset Pink Tea Teabags

Sunset Pink Tea x15 teabags


REGION: Shizuoka

AROMA: Mild vegetal, fresh

TASTE: Spinachy notes, mild vegetal flavour add lemon for citrus accents

BEST TIME OF DAY: As you desire

BENEFITS: Packed with antioxidants, good for eyes and skin.

BREW: 70°C | 1teabag/250ml | 60s


Produced by small family-run farms and overseen by an official tea grader in Japan, this pesticide free green tea is specially grown and developed by our tea farmer. It is a second flush, un-shaded tea that changes to a gorgeous sunset PINK colour once lemon juice is added. Add a whole slice of lemon or just a few drops of lemon as desired. It has incredible antioxidant effects due to high levels of anthocyanins.

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