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Japanese Sencha

Sencha 50g


REGION: Yame, Fukuoka prefecture

AROMA: Sweet chestnuts and nashi pears

TASTE: Savory umami, sweet, lush and vegetal

BEST TIME OF DAY: Afternoon or with meals  

BENEFITS: Reduces plaque, high in antioxidants, lowers blood pressure, aids concentration

BREW: 70°C | 3g/250ml | 20s/25s/30s


Produced by a family run farm from a misty village in Yame, this pesticide-free green tea is grown at relatively low elevation, using 70-year-old traditions. Our premium Sencha is lightly steamed during production and not oxidized. It is then air dried and rolled to produce long slender bright green leaves. Japan rarely exports its premium Sencha, so this is a rare treat to savour.


When infused with low temperature water it produces a balanced flavour of savory umami, vegetal notes and a sweet finish.

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