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Red Jade Black Tea

By November 28, 2016 Blog One Comment

Red Jade Black Tea

In conjunction with the launch of a new tea, we are going to write a little about this tea and also interview the farmer himself. This way you can find out a lot more about the tea and its source.

Red Jade factoryOn our recent trip to Taiwan we sampled about a dozen different Red Jades and it was only Mr Yu’s that stood out head, shoulders and tea leaves above the rest. Mr Yu’s Red Jade was the most delicious and most balanced with absolutely no astringency. We tasted flavours of malt sugar, aromas of wild plum, cinnamon and ending with a soothing menthol finish. No other Red Jade came near to this quality and sensation.

Mr Yu Red Jade farmer

The History of Red Jade

Red Jade Black Tea or sometimes known as Taiwan No.18 or Ruby Black Tea. It is a hybrid of two tea leaves; one parent is an Assam from India and the other is wild Taiwanese tea found at Sun Moon Lake. The reason this black tea was made was because black tea was once the main export crop of Taiwan when occupied by Japan. However after the war, Japan departed and with very competitive black tea prices elsewhere the demand for Taiwanese black tea declined.

Much later, in 1977 the government from Nantou County wanted to help rejuvenate the market for black tea and also to help the farmers in the county improve the quality of black tea. Over some time they researched and invented Red Jade, which not only stands up against the local climate but also is reminiscent of Assam black tea. This quality tea they have produced has slowly been accepted and now it is widely appreciated by tea connoisseurs from around the world for its unique taste and character.


Here is our first interview with our Red Jade Black Tea farmer, Mr Yu.
Mr Yu and Mr Man ChaHow long have you been growing tea and what got you started?
I have been growing tea for 34 years.  A passion for tea and to provide for my family.
Can you describe a typical day out in the field?
Tea tree management, cut tea tree and to weed.
What is your favorite part of growing tea?
Get good fresh tea leaves to produce good tea.
What do you think makes your tea unique or better than others?
Minjing township of Nantou is a good place to plant Red Jade tea tree.
Are there any tips you can give on how to best brew your tea?
The temperature of water to brew Red Jade tea is 100C.
What do you think will happen to the tea industry in 5 years time?
There will be more innovations to produce more kinds of teas.
 In the Red Jade tea field

Red Jade tea leaf        Drying Red Jade Tea

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