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Red Jade

Red Jade 25g


REGION: Longtan town, Taoyuan

AROMA: Peach, apricot jam and cinnamon

TASTE: Medium strength, hints of malt sugar and mint.

BEST TIME OF DAY: Afternoon or with meals  

BENEFITS: Increases alertness, controls blood sugar, lowers cholesterol and the risk of heart disease

BREW: 95°C | 3g/250ml | 30s/35s/45s


Also known as Taiwan No.18, Red Jade is a hybrid of Assam tea from India with wild tea found around Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan. Originally devised by the government to promote Taiwanese black tea, its popularity with tea connoisseurs began almost 50 years ago.

This fully oxidised tea yields the full body and character of an Assam, coupled with exuberant fruit notes of wild plum and cinnamon, ending with a fresh menthol finish.

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