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Oriental Beauty 50g

Oriental Beauty 50g


REGION: Hsin Chu

AROMA: Lychee, forest honey

TASTE: Muscatel, aromatic apricots with honey undertones

BEST TIME OF DAY: Afternoon  

BENEFITS: Improves skin, reduces plaque, lowers blood pressure

BREW: 90°C | 3g/250ml | 30s/50s/55s


Oriental Beauty is produced in only two regions in Taiwan. We source ours from Hsin Chu, where it was originally discovered. The tea farmer and his sons are exceptionally proud of the tea and its heritage. This summer picked tea is 100% pesticide free. The sweetness of the tea relies heavily on the leaves being bitten by small insects called jaccids. As a natural defense mechanism, the leaf secretes a form of sugar to coat the bitten areas, which will start to oxidise. Much skill is then needed to process the tea to enhance its naturally sweet and complex flavours.

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