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Melon Green Tea Teabags

Melon Green Tea x15 teabags


REGION: Shizuoka prefecture

AROMA: Sweet succulent melon, forest green

TASTE: Medium body green tea, irresistible melon, natural sweet finish

BEST TIME OF DAY: Any time, cold brew recommended

BENEFITS: Boosts immune system, supports healthy skin, packed with antioxidants

BREW: 80°C | 1teabag/250ml | 150s


This special blend was created after months of testing different melon and green tea combinations. In order to keep the base tea taste consistent across all batches of this blend, we intentionally chose single-origin green tea from fields situated around the Oi River. We also used the highest grade of Kumamoto honey melons, which have a perfect balance of dryness & sweetness

This irresistible blend is made possible thanks to the expertise and patience of our Japanese tea partners. We hope you will enjoy every sip of our melon green tea.

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