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Matcha Powder (ceremonial)

Matcha Powder 30g


REGION: Shizuoka

AROMA: Deep forest green, cut grass

TASTE: Fresh spring fields, brief savoury hit followed by lush sweetness

BEST TIME OF DAY: Breakfast or afternoon

BENEFITS: High in EGCG and other anti-oxidants, calms the mind and increases concentration.

BREW: 80°C | 2g/60ml | 15s whisk

We travelled to all main tea regions of Japan including Uji, Yame and Shizuoka. We found that although Uji matcha is the most well known, it was too strong and powerful for our palates. In contrast, Yame matcha was much too soft and light.

When we tasted Shizuoka matcha, we knew it was the best as it was the most balanced. It has enough matcha flavour coming through without being too overpowering and there are light floral hints too.

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