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Matcha Genmaicha Teabags

Matcha Genmaicha x15 teabags


REGION: Shizuoka prefecture

AROMA: Seaweed crackers, popcorn

TASTE: Refreshing, medium-bodied, lush, and umami sweetness

BEST TIME OF DAY: Breakfast or before meals.  

BENEFITS: Detoxifies the body, lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart attacks.

BREW: 75°C | 5g/250ml | 60s/110s


This tea is produced by small family-run farms and overseen by an official tea grader in Japan. A wonderful blend of Sencha, puffed brown rice and dusted with Matcha. This perfect combination creates a toasty aroma of green tea that is packed with healthy goodness. It is low in caffeine and easy to drink, making it suitable even for children and the elderly.

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