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Jasmine Pearls in Gold Canister

Jasmine Pearls 75g


REGION: Fuzhou

AROMA: Sweet jasmine, ripe flowers

TASTE: Medium body, smooth finish with light juiciness

BEST TIME OF DAY: Lunchtime or afternoon  

BENEFITS: Stress relieving, reduces cholesterol, strengthens the immune system

BREW: 80°C | 3g/250ml | 25s/35s/45s


Green tippy tea leaves are hand-rolled into pearls and then delicately wrapped in paper. After drying and unwrapping, the tea is set aside until the Jasmine flowers bloom in summer. The tea is then scented by having fresh Jasmine flowers placed on top. Workers remove the flowers by hand after the infusion period before another batch of fresh flowers is placed on top. This tedious infusion process is repeated 6 times to produce the finest Jasmine tea.


Once infused the pearls unravel into long, succulent buds that release a fresh and delicate Jasmine taste.

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