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Honey Black tea 25g

Honey Black tea 25g



AROMA: Baked gingerbread and salted caramel

TASTE: Malt sugar and ripened fruit  

BEST TIME OF DAY: Any time of day

BENEFITS: Improves skin, stabilises blood sugar, lowers cholesterol, reduces plaque

BREW: 90°C | 4g/250ml | 35s/40s/50s


Tea master Li and his son are 4th generation tea makers. They specialise in making small batch black tea. The sweet honey taste of the tea is all-natural. This unique characteristic is caused by insects called jaccid biting the leaf, which in turn causes the leaf to produce a natural sugar as a defence mechanism. Through careful picking, drying and oxidising the sweetness is deliciously enhanced. Jaccids are only attracted to tea bushes that are free from pesticides and they thrive in clean pollution free environments.

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