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Great Taste Awards 2016

By October 12, 2016 Blog 4 Comments

Great Taste Awards 2016

Growing up in Britain during the 80’s the most exotic non-Chinese food we had was pineapple and cheese on sticks! Fast forward to today and a 10 year would scoff at you if you didn’t cook their steak perfectly to medium rare. It’s so amazing how available the range of food is and how high our expectations are of fine foods have become.


Britain has definitely upped their culinary game thanks largely to TV chefs like Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson. Britain is also a force to be reckoned with in the high end culinary world thanks to the likes of Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsey. On the street level, whatever “foodie” fad circulating you can sure bet someone in Britain invented it or has interpreted it their own unique way.

heston-blumenthal gordon-ramsey

The most obvious dish that comes to my mind are ‘Bao’s’ which was originally a steamed white bun stuffed with different meats. In 2004, a skilled Korean chef born in America, David Chang, adapted the pork bun and pimped it up with fine pork belly and cured cucumber, then it went virally crazy. Now you see Bao’s in more or less every decent food market in the world.
david-chang momafuka-baoBritain is now competing with some of the best in the culinary world. Also they are keeping up with the ethical trends such as urban farming, nutrient dense eating and farm to table to name a few. One cannot keep up with these trends unless shops are well stocked with fine ingredients. This is where the The Guild of Fine Food and their Great Taste Awards come in.

The Guild of Fine Food has been at the heart of fine food since 1995. Their prestigious Great Taste Awards are the best seal of approval for any food or beverage brand. It is not the easiest seal of approval to win, as over 450 judges consisting of chefs, food critics and retailers taste every product entered over a 3 month period.

Guild of Fine Food-2016Over the last 2 years, Man Cha Teas have won an amazing 6 Stars. We are both humbled and honoured to be recognized. For us, it gives us assurance that for the all the distances we have travelled, for all the time we have spent sourcing and building relationships with our tea farmers have been well justified.

This year our Japanese Sencha won 1 star and the judges comments were –

‘There are some big brassica notes at the start, which soften into a gentle fish stock character. There is good creaminess on the finish.’

Great Taste Awards 1 star

Great Taste Awards 1 star

Our White Peony also won 1 star with the judges commenting –

‘An intriguing infusion with some floral notes, some stone fruit character and some pleasing sweetness.’

Great Taste Awards 1 Star

Great Taste Awards 1 Star

Overall we are tremendously proud to be award these 6 Great Taste Stars, recognized for the importance we place on provenance and ultimately approved to have some of the best tea available on the market.




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