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Forever spring 50g

Forever spring 50g



REGION: Nantou

AROMA: Spring flowers

TASTE: Medium body with hints of apricot and pineapple

BEST TIME OF DAY: As you desire

BENEFITS: Removes free radicals, promotes healthy skin, protects bone marrow density      

BREW: 85°C | 3g/250ml | 35s/55s/85s


This high mountain tea is produced by a family of 4th generation female tea masters. The 80-year-old grandma is a staunch believer in traditional methods and her attention to quality produces delicate, delicious tea of the highest distinction. It is called Forever Spring because this tea is grown all year round.


When infused, the tea produces spring flower aromas with delicate sweet fruit flavours. Enjoy sipping on a piece of history and tradition.

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Product Type Oolong
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