Giving back to Education

Giving back is one of our core values at Man Cha. We work with a local children’s charity called Loving Kids in one of the poorest areas in Hong Kong. It’s hard to believe that in such a developed city like Hong Kong there is poverty and that many children are born into difficult situations.

Starting small and making a BIG difference

That is one of the reasons we looked for a charity partner straight away, before we even sold our first box of tea. We wanted to start impacting immediately and because we took that first step we are now making a deeper impact.

Another reason why we give back is because we are simply repeating the cycle of giving back. When we were young (many moons ago!) both Jessi and I, had a school teacher who through the kindness of their heart gave back and really helped us. Without them we wouldn’t be on this path that we are on, we wouldn’t be in Hong Kong and certainly we wouldn’t be writing this piece in which you are reading!

It’s Great to Give

We want to install a culture of giving back amongst our volunteers, helpers and hopefully with the children we teach. We want the children to believe that it’s not the situation, but the informed decisions they make that can really change their lives.

Thank you for all your support.