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Artisans Selection - x6 sachets

Artisan - x6 sachets

Genmaicha, White Peony, Milky Oolong, Organic Earl Grey, Honey Black Tea, Iron Buddha sachets

Country: Taiwan, Japan, China, Sri Lanka

Best time of day: Lunchtime or afternoon

Benefits: Reduces obesity, removes free radicals, balances blood sugar levels

Brew: Ranging from water temp. 85°C-95°C

Amount: 3g / 250ml water

Infusion: Ranging from 30/40/60seconds


A wonderfully curated selection of Man Cha's finest teas. Ranging from White tea, Green tea, Oolong to Black tea. This is a great collection to sample some of the best types of tea from around Asia.


Genmaicha is a green tea blended with delicious roasted rice. Nice balance of mild grassiness and warming toasted flavours.

White Peony is a white tea. Medium oxidised so has a smooth, soft lingering taste.

Milky Oolong is our Award Winning tea. Everyone's favourite oolong from Man Cha.

Iron Buddha from China is a classic oolong. Taste is of light honey and nourishing leaf.

Honey Black tea from Taiwan. Sweet, ripened fruit and malt sugar taste.

Organic Earl Grey from Sri Lanka. Bold bergamot yet balanced and uplifting.


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