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We like to call our White Tea “Anti-wrinkle” tea as it contains more antioxidants than green tea. Super delicious and super healthy.

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Country: SE China
Region: Fuding
Taste: Soft with sweet lingering aftertaste.
Best time of day: Any time day or night.
Benefits: High in anti-oxidants, low in caffeine and helps boost the immune system. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce the breakdown of collagen and prevents wrinkles. We call it anti-wrinkle tea!
Brew: Water 80°C    Amount: 1 ball / 250ml water    Infusions: 30/50/70seconds

“These single serve sachets are ideal for people who want to drink Man Cha anywhere and any time of day. Keep them in your bag whilst you are on the go, in your drawer or give as a sampler to your friends. The tea is already weighed for one portion, so simply pour into a mug or tea pot and add hot water. You now have some Man Cha goodness!” Mrs Man Cha

This natural White Tea is from Fuding, China where it was originally invented during the 19th Century. Each ball is made up of plump needle tips and small young leaves to give a delicious introduction to White Tea.

The tea is made by gently withering then wrapping into balls with no heating or rolling involved. See the leaves unfurl with drama and flavour.

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