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We are so pleased to offer you this Great Taste Award Winning Tea.

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Region: Xinzhu
Country: Taiwan
Taste: Fragrant, aromatic pineapple and lychee with honey undertones
Best time of day: Afternoon
Benefits: Improves skin, reduces plaque, lowers blood pressure.
Brew: Water 85°C    Amount: 3g / 250ml water    Infusions: 30/40/60seconds

“These single serve sachets are ideal for people who want to drink Man Cha anywhere and any time of day. Keep them in your bag whilst you are on the go, in your drawer or give as a sampler to your friends. The tea is already weighed for one portion, so simply pour into a mug or tea pot and add hot water. You now have some Man Cha goodness!” Mrs Man Cha

This Summer picked tea is from Xinzhu, Taiwan. It is 100% pesticide free as it has been bitten by small jaccids. The insect bites the leaf and the leaf secretes a form of sugar as a defence mechanism. Once bitten the leaf starts its oxidation process. The farmer will process the tea to enhance its natural sweet and complex flavours.

Before infusion the leaves can have up to five colours with the most distinct being the leaves with white hairs. Once infused the leaves are dark to signify higher oxidation (+/- 70%) than most oolongs. The taste is naturallly sweet with a smooth a wonderful aroma of lychees, peach and pineapple.

This tea is produced from the region it was originally invented, by a farmer and his sons. The family is wonderfully generous and are exceptionally proud of their tea and its heritage. We support the arduous production of this divine tea and the longevity of traditional tea culture into the next generation.

We are so pleased to offer you this Great Taste Award Winning Tea.

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