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Limited Edition tea caddy and tea

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Country: Japan
Region: Yame, Fukuoka prefecture
Taste: Nutty, toasted honey with coffee notes
Best time of day: Any time of day
Benefits: Low in caffeine, enhances immune system, helps weight lost
Brew: Water 100°C    Amount: 6g / 250ml water    Infusions: 30/40/50seconds

Each large caddy is made using hand printed Japanese Washi paper. The paper is sturdy and waterproof. We have one of each caddy and we are delighted to offer it to you with our exceptionally tasting Houjicha. The size of e ach caddy is 10cm x 6.5cm and contains 30g of Houjicha.

Using the same tea plant as Sencha, Houjicha is made of rich tasting stems and leaves closer down. It is surprising that this is a Japanese green tea. The difference is that it has been roasted to brew a deep amber coloured tea with little atringency, rich but light bodied with a soothing warm aroma that completely permeates the room.

Roasting this tea at high heat eleminates the caffeine and so it is suitable for children, the elderly and those with a delicate constitution to drink

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