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Awarded 1 star Great Taste Awards in UK

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Country: Japan
Region: Yame, Fukuoka prefecture
Taste: Savoury umami, sweet, lush and vegetal
Best time of day: Afternoon or with meals
Benefits: Reduces plaque, very high in antioxidants, lowers blood pressure and aids concentration
Brew: Water 70°C    Amount: 3g / 250ml water    Infusions: 20/25/35seconds

“These single serve sachets are ideal for people who want to drink Man Cha anywhere and any time of day. Keep them in your bag whilst you are on the go, in your drawer or give as a sampler to your friends. The tea is already weighed for one portion, so simply pour into a mug or tea pot and add hot water. You now have some Man Cha goodness!” Mrs Man Cha

Produced from a family run farm in the misty village in Yame. This pesticide free green tea is grown at relatively low elevation using 70 year traditions. Our premium Sencha is lightly steamed during production and not oxidized. It is then air dried and rolled to produce long slender bright green leaves. Japan rarely exports its premium Sencha, so this is a rare treat to savour.

When infused with low temperature water it produces a balanced flavour of savoury umami, vegetal notes and a sweet finish.

Awarded 1 star Great Taste Awards in UK

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