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Red Jade Black Tea

By | Blog | One Comment

Red Jade Black Tea In conjunction with the launch of a new tea, we are going to write a little about this tea and also interview the farmer himself. This way you can find out a lot more about the tea and its source. On our recent trip to Taiwan we sampled about a dozen different Red Jades and it was…

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Great Taste Awards 2016

By | Blog | 4 Comments

Great Taste Awards 2016 Growing up in Britain during the 80’s the most exotic non-Chinese food we had was pineapple and cheese on sticks! Fast forward to today and a 10 year would scoff at you if you didn’t cook their steak perfectly to medium rare. It’s so amazing how available the range of food is and how high our expectations…

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How we made it.

By | Blog | 2 Comments

“Don’t tell people how you did that!” or “Don’ t reveal your secrets “ is what we often hear our friends say when I tell them what I’m going to write for this next blog post. From the start, this journey of launching and running Man Cha has not been normal and heavily against the grain, so I say “Why…

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Wistaria Tea House, Taipei

By | Blog | 4 Comments

Taiwan never ceases to amaze and inspire. This trip certainly didn’t disappoint and Wisteria Tea House totally enthralled us. Located in Daan Area of Taipei and about 10minutes walk from Taipower Building Station MRT. Wisteria Tea House is quite unassuming and easy to miss. The garden is so enchanting and the huge goldfish are obviously well looked after. Apparently the…

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